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Interview on local ABC Radio.

Check out my recent interview with ABC exploring my journey through the surrogacy process.

Follow the link to hear me harp on about, well mostly me, but also crappy hospital policies, unfair laws, and general surrogacy stuff. I have fond memories of this day, not only because I didn’t wee myself from nervousness (the butterfly’s were very very busy), but because I love that one of my Intended Parents minded by kids while I was out. The three of them listened to me live, and it must have been a marvel for my toddler, in particular, to hear me on air. I’m glad they shared that moment together.

The host of the ABC morning show is Leon Compton. I was encouraged by him and his producer to go on air. Leon just happens to be the husband of a good friend and was aware of my surrogacy journey. His producer had a sister who needed surrogacy to create her family, and who was currently expecting a child via surrogate in the Ukraine.

Sadly many Australians have to engage with surrogate’s over seas, as Australia just isn’t equipped to deal with the demand here. Surrogate’s aren’t allowed to receive any financial compensation – only direct pregnancy/surrogacy expenses can be reimbursed. The law’s in every state/territory are different and not cohesive, nor are they fair quite frankly. Anyway, have a listen to my first public speaking gig! I haven’t listened back to it myself. Not sure if I ever will!

Click here to listen.

Photo by Fringer Cat on Unsplash

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