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Check out some of the resources and references that we’ve found to be informative about surrogacy and parenting.

The Australian Surrogacy Community Facebook Page – support and information for Australian and New Zealand surrogates and intended parents

Surrogacy Australia – an Australian organisation offering support and information

Sarah Jefford – surrogate, family creation lawyer, and surrogacy advocate

Russell Walker Surrogacy – for advice and support on your surrogacy pathway

The Bumpy Road – an informative blog about Dan & Lachy’s surrogacy journey in Aus*

Surrogacy Safari – an informative blog about Anna’s experience as a gestational surrogate

*I first met Dan & Lachy in 2019 at a surrogacy conference in Melbourne. I have been particularly interested in their journey as I was drawn to them – firstly via interactions on our facebook community page, and then when I met them in person. I liked their vibe! As a surrogate you often want to help everyone. I remember thinking that if I hadn’t met my local intended parents, that I would have matched with a couple just like this. I was so surprised that they ended up having to seek a surrogate overseas. I have no doubt they would have been exceptionally supportive to a local surrogate. Sadly, this wasn’t to be, and in the end they took their dream of starting a family all the way to Canada.