The Baby Baker

The Baby Baker

Having a laugh through the ups and downs of surrogacy and parenting.

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I’m a mother of two from Tasmania, with a love of baking. Baking babies that is – I couldn’t whip up a meringue to save myself!

For as long as I can remember, I wanted to be a mother, and I acknowledge the great privilege it is to become one.

This being said, I do at times feel like I am drowning in the chaos of parenting. You’ll probably hear more about that down the track – better out than in, hey? A whinge is as good as a holiday, hopefully?

So whilst I’ve turned off the oven for my family, I am more than willing to start it up again and bring the chaos to others!

Jokes aside, through this blog I hope to give more understanding of what surrogacy looks like in Australia (it’s a bit messy, but the results can be marvellous).

I want to inspire others to advocate for change in Australian legislation. Let’s make the process easier, fairer, and more accessible for our Intended Parents.

So, what started out as a few Facebook posts, to share my thoughts on parenting and surrogacy, has turned into a blog.

And whilst I don’t actually know what “blog” means (does anyone really?), I hope you enjoy reading it!



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